We create a dimension for boundless fun. We combine astonishing virtual worlds explored through real robots. We are architects of reality, generating the next generation of attractions that challenge your perception of what's real.

Our hybrid amusement attractions offer a wide range of experiences and business models.

Hybrid Attractions

We integrate virtual worlds based on the openmetaverse with immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality (XR), deployed directly in recreational parks, location-based entertainment parks, and commercial parks; a list that grows with each innovation.

We create the entertainment of the future today.

The Next Generation of Amusement Attractions

We Are <Storytelling

Each We Are Machina experience is designed with high values of sensory immersion and challenges to real perception.

We endow the senses with real movement. We enhance immersion with illusion. We magnify fantasy to make what was once only dreamt a tangible experience.

We Are <Motion

Whether it's spatial computing or Virtual Reality, We Are Machina creates amazing virtual worlds powerfully shared by hundreds to thousands of people connected from anywhere in the world.

We Are <virtual Worlds

Apple Vision Pro

Meta Quest

XR Devices

We Are <Collaboration

Within We Are Machina's virtual worlds, you won't be alone. You will always have hundreds of people in different parts of the world sharing your same experience, communicating through the best language there is, reality.

We believe in the importance of healthy fun for people's emotional development. We create technology that materializes the future of fun today. For this reason, we create powerful experiences that lead people to explore unprecedented worlds of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction.

Limitless Fun

We Are Machina offers the gateway to a new era of entertainment, where the experience is enriched by astonishing virtual worlds and shared among hundreds of people as a new and powerful language. The human experience in the Open metaverse, the evolution of the internet, drives us to innovate without limits and to redefine the concepts of immersion, communication, and entertainment.